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Paul Windridge - Artist

Painting and Digital Art

After leaving Art College I became a full-time freelance artist who held several solo exhibitions and sold paintings worldwide.


My painting CV includes solo exhibitions at The Barbican Centre, The Mermaid Theatre, The Royal Exchange Manchester and the Royal Philharmonic Liverpool.


Group exhibitions included Lancashire Artists, The Manchester Academy, Merseyside Artists and The Laing Collection.

Then came the advent of digital when my partner and I ran a design company working in the arts. We became known for our left field digital image creation and our clients were arts organisations, creative software companies such as Adobe, theatres, contemporary dance companies such as Motionhouse, fashion brands like Red or Dead and, in the music business MUTE Records, EMI, Arista and Hard Hands.

Moving Image and Video

My visual work is centred on the atmospheric distortion of time and space - on ambiguity, abstraction and experimentation in order to open up the possibility of multi-dimensional filmic universes and demonstrate that there is more to the world than most people might imagine.


Having started my creative life as a painter, and therefore concerned with the still image, my desire is to be able to stop my films at any point and for that single still frame to be good enough to stand on its own as a still image in its own right.

My moving image work has been screened at many film festivals such as New York, Paris, Brussels, St Petersburg, Berlin and Zurich.


And at special events at the likes of Tate Britain, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art New York, BBC Electric Proms and Coventry Cathedral.


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Photography and Writing

Geometric Fox
A Tale of Two Foxes cover.jpg
The Secret Life of the Fox with cover-1.jpg
Fox Family-cov.jpg
Fox Tales cover.jpg

I have written and self-published three books (with another on the way) using my own photographs. The first two are 40 pages + cover, with over 40 photographs and written in rhyme with young children in mind, and the third is 48 pages + cover, over 100 photographs and written as anecdotes and fox facts for a slightly older readership. All three are based on a family of friendly foxes who live on, or near, a clifftop overlooking an iconic bay here on the island.


They are written to encourage children and parents to appreciate these caring, intelligent, family-based animals.


It’s a huge privilege to be accepted by animals which live in the wild and to be able to follow their progress. Their trust and friendship should never be abused and their space respected. I visit their world, and when I do, I leave mine behind.

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