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A marriage of ancient and modern inspired by the magnificently iridescent Quetzal - the symbolic bird of the Aztec and Mayan cultures. The bird is now the national emblem of Guatamala and lives in the mountainous tropical forests of Central America.


These are still frames taken from a 2018 video which was made as a response to my own music track “Bird” from the “Beyond” album. The images feature the singer, performer and musician Keri Highland in an intimate portrait of movement, light language and presence. 

Bird 1.jpg

Bird 1

Bird 5.jpg

Bird 5

Bird 11.jpg

Bird 11

Bird 14.jpg

Bird 14

Bird 2.jpg

Bird 2

Bird 9.jpg

Bird 9

Bird 13.jpg

Bird 13

Bird 15.jpg

Bird 15

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