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Short Film Evenings

Looking for an Isle of Wight film event to attend? These short film evenings are a great way to enjoy the arts on the island.

When is the next film evening?

Find out when the next film evening is with the Google Calendar below.
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Isle of Wight film events

What are the short film evenings?

I curate and contact filmmakers all over the world and ask their permission to screen their short films in these evenings. We then watch them together in various locations across the Isle of Wight.

isle of wight film evening event

How long?

I show between 11 and 15 films in an hour, usually with a 10-minute break halfway through. All films are under 12 minutes, but they could be as short as a minute.

What type?

There are several different genres – narrative, music videos, animation, and stop motion. Some are amusing, some thought-provoking, some a bit weird but all of them are innovative and independently made.

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